Armenian Women

Source: Armenian Women

Armenian Women have long been adored and respected for their beauty and with the 2015 poll of 44,000 Americans where we were voted the Most Beautiful Women of the World; an emphasis on Armenian women has increased.Though we are a race of beauty, Armenians have much more to offer to the world and Armenian women have contributed a lot to the world.

The common perception of Armenian women is that they have hair that is long and dark and that they have eyes which are brownish black. However, Armenian women have an amazing array of looks and more importantly, intelligence and wit to match.

Armenia as a country is a place which has a history and culture which is very rich. Along with having gorgeous women and hospitable people, it also has delicious food and very beautiful landscapes.

As one of the very first countries to officially accept Christianity as a state religion in 301 A.D., Armenians have a very rich and varied culture.

At an average life expectancy of 77 years and an adult literacy rate of 99%, Armenian women are some of the most educated women in the world.

Armenian Women Characteristics


Would you like to know what an Armenian woman is really like?

Armenian women are some of the most devoted wives. They are hard-workers and intelligent. They are excellent mothers and great companions.

Another exceptional thing about Armenian Women is that they have a very feminine aspect and take pride in looking good.

Like many Americans, most young Armenian ladies especially in the cities take a lot of pride in their appearance and may even save up to a whole months earnings to buy a new dress.

Another great aspect of a modern day beautiful Armenian lady is that she has been raised to make sure that her husband and children are always cared for. They are very traditional and have strong family values. So if you are marrying one, you are not only marrying them but there whole family.

They make sure that their children are well cared for and are brought up with good values since over 90% of Armenians practice Christianity and are devout Christians.

In terms of marriage, most Armenian girls would be encouraged by their family to marry other Armenian Christians as religion is very important. But modern Armenians today are open to marriage out of religion as they want their daughter happiness before anything else

Life in the capital city is very different from most of the country and here you will find the women much more exposed to western concepts and outlook.

Armenian women, who live in Yerevan, have much more independence to express them and are much more approachable.

Armenian women across the world are proud of their rich and varied heritage. An Armenian lady may be born or live in any other part or the world but deep within, they still consider themselves Armenian.

Armenian Diaspora


There are 3 million Armenians across the world. A very interesting this is that there are 3 Armenians across the world for every one Armenian living in Armenia.

There are about a million in the United States, another million in Russia and about 6 million more living in other countries of the world.

Naturally, an Armenian girls who lives in the Unites States is very different in many aspects from the ones living in Russia or even Armenia but they all have a common fact – They are all Armenian Women and are proud of it.